Sri Lanka Foundation Rebrand & Custom Platform Development

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We rebranded a non-profit, the Sri Lanka Foundation, and built a website with custom plugins to allow their organization to manage updates.

About the Project

Telling the Sri Lanka Foundation story began with building a more meaningful relationship with their current audience, Sri Lankans & Sri Lankan-Americans while reaching out to other demographics. We used their company’s history to broaden the richness and authenticity of their brand by looking into the philanthropic work they had done in the past. For example, we found it inspiring that they built homes in Sri Lanka after a Tsunami hit their country in 2004.

Adhering to their mission to educate the world about their beautiful country, we built a brand with a prestigious look and feel to denote trust and credibility, while using their patriotic colors, and the lion from their country’s flag to resonate with their patriots. We took all of this and placed it on a crest to represent their legacy of strength and leadership.

What We Did

Most of their users belonged to a non-technical demographic; therefore, it was our primary focus to develop a smooth user experience (UI/UX).

The Sri Lanka Foundation wanted to become one of the primary sources of information & entertainment for their community. To achieve this through their website, we added resources like Sri Lankan news, events, galleries, directories, and more.

In addition, we built a user-friendly WordPress back-end to give the client the ability to update any part of their website with ease.

As the Sri Lanka Foundation holds several events throughout the year, they wanted a separate online portal for their ticket sales and guest management. We then decided to create a custom module for their attendants to buy and reserve seats.

We custom-built a system that allowed guests to choose the section, seats, and number of tickets they wanted to purchase. The section and seat selector was done on a map to show the venue and where the event amenities as in where the stage and bar would be. We then programmed our system to generate tickets with scannable codes that were used to quickly verify guest admittance on the day of the event.

Further Customization

We customized their website with:

• A SLF Performing Art Center page that allowed students to enroll for classes online.

• A Latest News Section featuring the latest Sri Lankan news happening all across the globe.

• An Upcoming Events Section showing Sri Lankan events and allowing users to submit their own.

• Back-end Approval Process allowing the Sri Lanka Foundation staff to approve and process content for their site efficiently and rapidly.

• A Directory Listings page for Sri Lankan businesses. A convenient tool for any Sri Lankan expatriate in a new city. The directory page also includes a Sri Lankan Consulate & Embassy locator map.

Increasing Visibility

Our Social Media and Email Campaigns increased operational usage online for the Sri Lanka Foundation. In addition to using Search Engine Optimization, we incorporated traditional media, including print publications, all while we worked with their team to publish news articles to keep their website relevant.

Their yearly cultural & food festival was one of the major events we promoted for which we developed a micro-website.

Our team planned and scheduled several social media campaigns throughout the year, along with the management of artwork that branded each of their events. We found that users enjoyed language phrases we posted through our “Learn Sinhalese” campaign.


As a result, publishing original content through their social media channels lead to more than 32,411 individuals to their website.