StanChem Branding & Web Design

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Pagano Media
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StanChem polymers homepage displaying white liquid whirlwind in top right corner

Clean and contemporary website & Logo reinforce the chemistry expertise underlying this company’s polymer products.

About the Project:

StanChem Polymers partnered with Pagano Media to refine their brand identity and design a new website. Given the technical nature of their product, ease-of-use and user experience were primary concerns. Stan Chem’s priority was to highlight the customizable nature of their polymers, a major differentiator from their competitors.

Agency Solution:

Pagano Media delivers a customer-centric website designed to make finding StanChem’s coating products and custom solutions easy to find for each customer’s application. Technical product information is conveyed with easy-to-understand infographics. Expert chemists are available to respond to product questions.

Additionally, a clean and contemporary logo reinforces the chemistry expertise underlying this company’s polymer products.

Tools Used:

WordPress, Google Maps Api, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax