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Steps2Walk Website Redesign

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Comrade helps orthopedic surgeons help more patients at no-cost across the globe.

About This Project

Steps2Walk (S2W), a noble not-for-profit organization sends top orthopedic surgeons to fix serious deformities for those who could not afford to travel across the world to get such care. Members and volunteer surgeons also share their knowledge and train surgeons in developing nations.


With a visually outdated, poorly-organized website, the organization’s scope of operations was unclear. The site was not marketed in any way to substantially increase awareness, participation, and donations. Steps2Walk’s online presence was an afterthought, rather than a combination of powerful tools that could widen and deepen the organization’s outreach and success 24/7/365.


Comrade dramatically improved their messaging by embedding real-world case studies that created a stronger case and awareness. We introduced three tiers of premium donor levels to encourage individuals to donate to the cause. Additionally, the website now helps to strengthen the growing worldwide network of surgeons, who, in earlier years, volunteered their services and went back to their respective practices, without much ongoing interaction. Finally, the new website invites sponsors and international partners (individuals and corporations alike) to join – and help – the mission.