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Shiurey Torah Lubavitch (STL) is the Jewish youth movement, founded in 2002. It offers the meetings, trips, camps and own media projects in Austria & Ukraine. There are different platforms for children, teenagers and young people.

About the Project:

Shiurey Torah Lubavitch approached Adloonix to increase the amount of practicing Jewish children, from Jewish mothers.

Main Challenge(s):

To increase the effectiveness of their client’s (STL) social media marketing efforts, and to increase the number of attendees.

Agency Solution(s):

Adloonix created 4 target personas and avatars which were the main tool to be used in the customized targeting campaign that was run to increase attendance.


22% 7-point 50+ 86%
lower cost per lead with
instagram &
google ads
increase in product
(among aged 18–24)
total number
of leads
in engagement