Stockpay: Brand Identity & Website

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Brand identity and website for Stockpay, a service that helps investors keep abreast of all trading news.

It is a brand identity and website for Stockpay, a global stock trading app.

Stockpay’s goal is create an approachable and affordable platform to popularise investing for everyone. Stockpay provides its users with the tools to help users become well-informed investors.

We aspired to reflect Stockpay’s concept in our design. The whole branding is based on illustrations. The main idea of the concept is an allusion to a game. Horizontally-oriented illustrations mean a transition to a new level of life, better and more comfortable.

The main character in the illustrations is the city. Each illustration has a reference to urban environment: buildings, towers, parks, etc.

Among the prevailing colours are deep blue, yellow, black, white and red.