Stress Guide App Development

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Stress Guide is an app that measures and evaluates stress levels.

We started working on Stress Guide when the company decided to expand to the Android platform. While working on this we also became in charge of another task: introduction of the monetization model. This changed the entire structure of the app.

The Basics

The principle of the measurement in Stress Guide is based on scientific research about the miscorrelation of breathing and heartbeat rhythms. And the measurement itself happens in a rather unusual way: the user holds their finger on the phone’s camera, which records the characteristics of the pulse.

Android App

When we started working on the Stress Guide project the client was planning to redesign their existing iOS app to match the requirements of the Android app.

Full App Redesign

After that part was done, the next task was to redesign the app, introducing monetization via subscription. That was not only an isolated change by adding the payment flow, but it actually required a full restructuring of the app: changing the navigation and user journey completely.

Since we were challenged to make such a dramatic change, we suggested taking advantage of it and redesign the visual style for the app because the previous one was outdated and, based on material design guidelines looked alien for the iOS platform.

We were working closely with the developers, stakeholders, and UX writer to come up with the new smooth UX flow and cleaner modern design. We widely used user testing for perfecting our design.