Studena GUC GUC campaign – 2022

Imago Ogilvy
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In collaboration with the Studena brand, we presented a 360 campaign featuring a music video that served as a fun reminder to drink more water.

The Challenge

Water is of vital importance to us and we cannot live without it, but we often forget to drink it. When we already feel the symptoms of dehydration, it is too late.

The Solution

In order to remind people of the importance of hydration in a creative and fun way, we used a cover of a dance hit from the nineties, which is equally loved by younger and older generations. In collaboration with the Studena brand, we turned the legendary song ‘Tuc Tuc’ into ‘Guc Guc’ with original lyrics modified into the topic of hydration. In this digital first campaign, we recorded an integral online video in vertical format for social media and in landscape format for TV. In addition, we launched a special Guc Guc edition bottle for additional awareness.

The campaign consisted of two phases: image communication and a prize winning game. A mix of offline and online media was used: TV and radio, paid FB and IG influencers, and GDN, YT and GSN.

In addition to paid ads and content promotion on social media, TikTok (organic), Giphy stickers and GIFs were also used. Advertisements, content and communication were specially created and adapted for each used channel and target audience.

Special attention was paid to community management, especially on TikTok – a platform where communication with users is specific and the speed of reaction is important. In addition to paid media, the campaign was accompanied by collaborations with influencers on Instagram and TikTok.

In order to make the Guc Guc campaign suitable for younger people, we found visual inspiration in Internet aesthetics, which we extracted from modern music videos, video games, memes and GIFs. In addition to the main video, we published more than 100 posts on different social networks and in the campaign we also designed dozens of Giphy stickers, contextual YouTube ads, responded to trends, news, collaborated with influencers, and regularly hydrated ourselves.

The Result

The client was very pleased with the campaign.