Super SOCO – Revolutionary Electric Mobility Brought Digital

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Showcasing a new concept in travel with Super SOCO electric motorcycles through the web and social media channels.

Project Description

The future of transportation is fueled by the power of electricity. Super SOCO motorcycles aim to be one of the leaders in that upcoming era. Showcasing a completely new, environmentally-friendly concept in travel, through the web and social media channels, with a lot of strategic thinking, time and devotion were thought to be key to good promotion and success.


The electric motorcycle, prior to Super SOCO’s arrival in Croatia, was completely unknown. Our mission was to present Super SOCO vehicles to the Croatian audience and promote them as they are – a revolutionary means of transportation which saves energy, providing both safety and commodity.

Building brand awareness was a crucial target for Super SOCO due to the fact it’s connected to people’s interests and sales and a great platform for future innovation and following trends. Knowing that the best way to intrigue the audience is by letting them try out the product, promoting the option of a test drive was a key component of the communication.


Super SOCO’s brilliant design and quality combined with Croatia’s biker scene led to a successful social media promotion and communication. Providing information about the product, its characteristics and the possibility of booking a test drive turned out to attract potential buyers’ attention.

A unique visual concept combined with intriguing copy shown on social media and the Super SOCO web page helped build a recognizable product identity now familiar to the broad audience. The posts on social media included not only basic information about the products but also fulfilled our followers wish to find out more about the innovation in transport that Super SOCO brings, saving the environment while traveling.

Super SOCO’s web page was imagined to represent what Super SOCO reflects on the streets; a piece of modern and sleek design in a hectic environment. Some of the design components we happily brought to all bike fanatics include:

  • Interactive sliders that display each bike model on the front page and its color options when focusing on a particular type.
  • A fullscreen navigation menu with specifically designed elements showing interactive bike traffic lights.
  • Custom icons for each bike specification.
  • A webpage that changes the intensity of its background colour, depending on which part of the page you are on.