Super Spellers E-Learning Platform

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Super Spellers, a new e-learning solution for schools, engaged Arch to review, define and design this amazing new platform.

About the Project

Super Spellers is a new e-learning platform based around improving a child’s experience of learning new words, spellings, and sound. Bought to life through a series of spelling games that have been designed to support children aged 5-11.

New tests show 1 in 4 struggling with spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Figures for reading, writing and maths assessments taken by more than half a million 11-year-olds.

Our Work

Super Spellers have set off on a mission to work with schools initially across the UK to roll out the new platform. This platform, like those that have been launched to support learning maths, will be in a position to help assist in how children learn and enhance their spelling experience.

The mobile responsive web-based platform is made up of 3 fun interactive game zones. The games will cover weekly spellings, spell the missing word in a sentence and a challenge to spell longer more exciting words.

Each student will have their own unique superhero character. By playing the games they will earn rewards such as coins and superpowers to allow their character to become the ultimate superhero! The results will be recognised in a leaderboard. Teachers will be able to access a teacher zone to set their weekly spellings and monitor students’ results through an advanced admin portal.

The full platform is currently in development with Arch and we’re excited to go live in Q1 2020.