Supermarket Rebranding

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Furshet is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Ukraine. Their identity was old-fashioned. So our team made a new branding identity.

About the Project

Furshet – is one of the biggest chains in Ukraine. But their visual identity didn’t change from 1997. Their identity was old-fashioned. The other problem was about designers. They don’t have rules of using design system identity and visually all materials look like chaos. Brochures, banners, adverts were in different styles.


We started rebranding in order to differentiate from other companies and make the design recognizable. It’s important to unite all communication channels and make a visual identity system. We should not only make the visual identity concept but also create guidelines with strong rules how designers can use the visual identity in the future.



We were working with a new identity concept during a 1.5 month period. The new logo is simple and universal. If we imagine an arrow, triagle shows movement and direction. We choose the direction up, for improvement. After rebranding, the marketing research shows an increase in brand awareness by 33% and sales are also growing to 25%.


We are working with new identity concept during 1,5 month. New logo is simple and universal. If we imagine arrow, triagle shows movement direction. We choose direction upstair, for improvement. After rebranding marketing research shows increasing of brand awareness to 33% and sales are also growth to 25%.