Swatch – How Swatch localised their global CRM strategy to China

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How IT Consultis helped Swatch localized their CRM in China by making full use of WeChat.

The Challenge

Although Swatch was already running at a global level with a strong, loyal following, the team at Swatch China understood very well that the Asian giant is an entirely different beast. In particular, they needed a portal that is able to integrate with WeChat and leverage the huge amount of traffic and engagement originating from the platform, a challenge that is specific to China only.

As part of the global strategy, Swatch Club plays a vital role not only in engaging the clients and offers but also in understanding their behaviour. By creating a closer relationship with the customers, Swatch is able to learn more about them and improve their offerings. Therefore, it was crucial to create a platform designed for China and leverage such a huge market.

The Solution

To achieve this goal, the main scope of work was to create a portal, able to connect with Swatch’s CRM via API. After scanning the QR code, the member would register on the website, where he would share his information. Once stored, it would then be pushed to the CRM. The designs for mobile (mostly for WeChat use) and the desktop was made to perfectly match the global visual identity of Swatch while following China’s design standards to please the local consumers.

The coordination and work made between the global, local teams and stakeholders of this project through different workshops and alignments really made the difference to create a perfectly localized platform.

The Results

We are happy to say that thanks to this portal, Swatch Club is now in full force for Swatch China, letting the brand learn more about their Chinese customers while raising engagement and sharing meaningful stories. At the same time, watch lovers and enthusiasts can finally join the club for a fantastic win-win situation.

The development took only 4 months and was deployed according to the timeline. In fact, it is already bringing the results Swatch was expecting to achieve. So far, the feedback from the customers has been really impressive, joining in swarms and actively engaging with the platform.

We were also happy to receive positive feedback from the CRM departments in the headquarters. At ITC, we were extremely happy to have contributed to the growth of Swatch China, and hope the Club will reach the same success it’s enjoying worldwide.