Sweat – Branding a Premium Fitness Gym

Bonnie & Clyde Advertising Studio
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Our inspiration – the tremendous energy the client spread and the vibe he wanted replicated in the life of his clients: rising strong.

Branding With Empathy

The entrepreneurs that turn their hobbies into business can relay the meaning of the future brand through their simple presence. The most helpful step in branding this premium gym chain was meeting one of the partners and absorbing the tremendous energy he spread while talking about fitness.

For the winning proposal, we created the symbol is a strong man rising up, combined with the idea of electricity. All the images and executions we provided to create the desired brand universe were built on the same simple dynamic.

The slogan enforces the emotion: “Movement that changes your life”.

The idea of rising up, strength, willpower, and change in the logo was accompanied by the tone of voice used in all the executions.