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Syncplicity, a leading provider of file sharing and secure collaboration solutions, needed Distillery’s help building the right software.

Syncplicity’s Story

California-based Syncplicity came to Distillery because it was growing—fast. Syncplicity, a leading provider of file sharing and secure collaboration solutions, needed Distillery’s help building the right software to ensure that Syncplicity was well-prepared for accelerated expansion.

When we first connected in 2010, Syncplicity was a small, fast-growing startup in Menlo Park trying to outpace the competition and plan for sustainable growth. Syncplicity needed outside help creating various business support tools, including an internal customer support web console and a new customer-facing business console—its first step toward B2B.

Our Work

In the beginning, Distillery engineers helped Syncplicity create the business support tools required to compete and thrive. Since that time, our work with Syncplicity has expanded to include a range of large and small software development projects designed to support and accelerate the company’s continued growth. We’ve collaborated with Syncplicity on countless projects over the years. Syncplicity and Distillery professionals have worked together to enable Syncplicity’s users to share content more freely by:

  • Instantly calculating data size quotas to enable a more accurate and timely system for charging customers
  • Creating a second data center in the EU to provide seamless UX for sharing and syncing content across regions
  • Allowing Syncplicity to converse with global customers in their native languages, thanks to a skilled team of translators
  • Providing users instant, cloud-enabled, access to their data–regardless of file size–via any mobile, desktop or laptop device


With Distillery’s help, Syncplicity quickly became a leader an industry leader through focus, perseverance, and innovation. Since teaming up with us, Syncplicity has doubled its user base and raked in awards. Here are some of the company’s accomplishments:

In February 2017, Axway, a global data integration solutions, acquired the company. We’ve continued to serve as a strategic partner for Syncplicity as it has expanded and undergone a series of acquisitions. While it’s common practice for acquiring companies to “clean house” and dismiss third-party vendors post-acquisition, Distillery’s invaluable services were retained each time.

Today, Syncplicity serves over 25,000 businesses and individuals.