TambuaHealth: A Healthy Website

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How we built a website and identity for San Francisco-based biotech company.

TambuaHealth listens to your lungs and hears if there’s something wrong. Breathing is probably the most important thing to do when you’re a person who’s alive. Unfortunately, right now their product is the most relevant it’s ever been, with pneumonia being one of the main complications of Covid-19. To bring attention to their technology, they needed an identity and a website. Here’s what we did for them.

About The Product: Every Breath You Take

Their device, T-Sense, is a multichannel stethoscope, with 32 multichannel microphones, and they’ve got their own software to go with it, T-Lab.

All those microphones pick up vibrations in your lungs as air moves in and out with each breath. It’s like bats using echolocation, but instead of a bat looking for crickets to eat, it’s a doctor looking for abnormalities to fix.

The benefits here compared to MRI and CT are numerous.

It’s continuous real-time images, which helps immensely with diagnostics. It’s easy to install, use, and maintain. That greatly helps in providing better care in developing countries. As well as providing better coverage in developed countries, helping overcrowded hospitals and rare clinics in rural areas.

Respiratory diseases had always been a massive problem and it’s more relevant than ever right now. And it’s radiation-free, which is just plain good for everyone but also lets pregnant people get the diagnostics they might need.

Concept: Good Vibrations

The concept stemmed from the device picking up on sound waves and vibrations. Due to it being a medical product, what we had to do is stay calm and not make something better suited for a festival or a streaming app.

Style: Weightless And Peaceful

And with the style, we had the same reservations. It’s a product that helps people. It’s no place for fancy designs, it’s no place for something loud. It’s about health. The website had to instill tranquility.

The animations are the key to making this concept and style work, the motion bringing everything to life.

What we did could be called «medical minimalism». It’s light, it’s clean, it’s calm. White backgrounds, light blue for accents. Just a hint of sci-fi aesthetics to it. Light sans serifs, no bold typefaces even in the headings. No sharp lines and angles.

For the company that aims at the B2B market, we settled on a rather traditional layout, but here’s the alternative that we made. In this, we take things further and spread that weightless feeling throughout the whole website.

In the mere four weeks, we had created the identity and the product page for something that could greatly help the world in this grave moment. And now that they got a great website that brings attention to their technology, they can get back to their important work.

The main hurdle we had to go through was the time zones. We all might get a regrettable lunch from the same fast-food chains all over the world, but the distance between their laboratory in San Francisco and our agency all the way in Moscow is still vast and consequential. Yet with careful planning and a few days started closer to sunrise than we used to, it all worked out just fine.

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