Targeting on Facebook for Online Magazine

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glav-163 is an online magazine that publishes popular science articles about technology and history. In addition to the site, communities in Fb, VK, Ok, Instagram and Twitter are promoted. The content is different, adapted for social networks.

Targeted advertising in Fb is a great tool for increasing traffic to website and community on Social Media. Facebook was chosen, because its audience, based on its characteristics, has a request for a popular science informative product.

Period: 2018 – February 2019


To increase traffic.


Launching targeted advertising on Facebook.


Analysis and comparison of target audiences of Fb and site do they correspond to each other, what is the probability of interest in the product from users of the social network.

Creating a portrait of a user who may be interested in the product (age, gender, region of residence, interests).

Creating targeting hypotheses and a mind map. In it, we described the approximate form and content of ads, so that they will find a response from the target audience.

Development of branded ads: a selection of colors and bright images, close to the target audience, writing text, choosing a font, adapting ads for different devices.

Testing announcements and optimizing based on CR (conversion), CTR (click-through rate) and CPA (click per action).

Final setting up and launching targeting in Fb.

Campaign management, monitoring and working with bids based on indicators.

Reporting on results.


  • The total reach is 18 000 unique users.
  • Clicks to the website: 3 500.
  • CTR of campaign – 19,4.

Targeted advertising in Fb allowed to deliver information about to the target audience, increase the number of subscribers of the community and visitors of the site. Thanks to the advanced marketing tools, setting up ads on Facebook is quick and easy. The main thing is to correctly determine who will be interested in ads and optimize them depending on the potential audience.

Clever Marketing offers integrated services: from the preparation of announcements to final launch with monitoring at all stages, bid adjustments if necessary, and reporting to the client.