Task Management in no Time: The Productivity Solution

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Devcom task manager productivity solution

The task management application is a time reporting tool supporting all the business processes.


The task management application is a time reporting tool supporting all the business processes. Any user can easily utilize the app without an overhead of technical details and simply authorize via Google Apps. In addition, the custom software solution has a great UI, and it provides a wonderful UX.


The German-based client experienced issues with managing tasks internally. At the start, the client was enthusiastic about Basecamp, a leading task management tool. The company viewed it as a silver bullet to their challenge. However, when the initial flare disappeared, it was clear that some essential functionalities were not present in Basecamp. To put it in a nutshell, the tool did not reflect the customer’s business model, and it had no time management capabilities. The challenge was clear. The company wanted an easy-to-use task management custom software solution with the time reporting functionality. In addition, it should have reflected the client’s business model and the spirit of innovation.


When addressing DevCom, the client had the full picture of what kind of task management tool they need. To cut the long story short, three functionalities were the keystone to the whole project:

  • Exceptional task management functionality
  • Time management
  • User Authorization via Google Apps

In addition, the customer wanted a truly user-friendly solution making it easy-to-use for non-technical personnel. This way, the integration of the custom software by the client would not be an issue.


The project was a definite success. Solid quality control, no downtimes, unbelievably proactive and extremely cost-effective. The customer could have pitched an idea for the development, and in a day’s time, DevCom delivered a viable development estimate.

After the initial production release, DevCom started using the task management solution for communications with the client. Particularly, DevCom used the system for the project billing as well as for the upcoming, related projects. Lastly and most importantly, the client received the custom software solution very well and was using from practically day one.