Taxi Mobile App for Convenient Taxi Booking

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Taxi mobile app eases the process of hailing a cab where customers can simply add a pickup point and drop off point and make payments easily, too.

Why Taxi Mobile App?

Traditionally, customers had to stop their rides by frantically waving their hands standing by the side of the road. There was uncertainty about when the next taxi will come along and how much the driver will charge. There were long queues for taxis and fares were too high. Taxi mobile app was designed to ease the process for customers to hire a cab and travel conveniently to their destination.


The taxi mobile app helps smooth operations and allows customers to book taxis by entering the pickup point, time and location as well as the drop off point. It also includes a feature for customers to select a round trip. Along with easy payments directly through the app, it also provides different options for customers to choose their rides – from luxury vehicles to daily use vehicles.

Project Brief

The client wanted a taxi mobile app to ease operations and enable their customers to conveniently book a cab. The mobile app must also offer features to enter a pick-up time and location. Options for either one way or round trip were added and customers should be able to make payments via the app itself.

The app must also include options for customers to choose the type of taxi they wish to hire from a wide range of available cabs – luxury – to normal. All payments must happen within the app for ease of management.


  • Convenient cab booking with options for pick up and drop off time and location.
  • Trip planning to select either one way or round trip or self drive.
  • Secure payment gateway and payment process to be optimized from a customer experience point of view.
  • Social integration features to share experiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Feedback option to connect with the business directly in case of queries or sharing experiences.
  • App monetization feature integration
  • Vehicle options from luxury to ordinary, users can select their preferences according to their budget.
  • It also includes a powerful search feature for users to find their rides quickly.
  • The app was built for both Android and iOS platforms.