Terra Park, Pag | Customer Journey Marketing

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Above & beyond: working together to create a Customer Journey Mapping to optimize spending and introduce Terra Park’s brand to the international stage.

TERRA PARK opened its doors, not as a rebranded company but rather as a completely new company with 2 camp locations, new funding, and rebuilding. The camps were repositioned as 2 new high-quality campsites with top level services.

The main challenge was to finalise everything in the middle of the lockdown. The Covid-19 pandemic created much uncertainty within the travel industry.

Luckily, TERRA PARK’s exceptional management refused to stop believing in the camp’s great locations enhanced with excellent service standards and operational know-how.

However, as the holiday season was dangerously close, they needed to start investing in online campaigns to drive booking and concrete sales.

The Goal

The goal was simple but challenging – to drive the most significant possible booking and revenue for the smallest possible budget.

The Challenge

Lack of tracking and data, as previous campaigns were not set towards business goals.

We needed the right creatives for Facebook and getting the velocity to test different options to understand what sells.

Finding target audiences that bring us over 4x ROAS and are scalable. Testing different scaling strategies and finding the ones that work for this account.

The Solution

First of all, to stabilize the account while optimizing the current non-performing campaigns. We needed some campaigns that would have stable ROAS to keep earning money for the business.

On one side, the next step was to prepare the customer journey throughout the website to control communication throughout the funnel.

On the other, we started working on the new creatives and planning our campaign structure.

As the base to achieve target ROAS, we had to update the account with a new campaign structure, ads, audiences and creatives. Especially as we need to be able to scale and adapt quickly to any Covid-19 market updates.

Finally, we started to open up new markets and moved the performing ads down to our TOF campaigns, then to the middle of the funnel and finally to the bottom of the funnel campaigns.


Through the use of Facebook and Google — in 5 markets — Terra Park was able to:

  • Increase the share of direct bookings to 80% of all bookings generated
  • +312% Increase in Sessions YoY
  • Achieve 85% occupancy through mid and high season
  • Raised Google ROAS to 3200% over the last 2 months
  • Increased CTR by +75.84%