TERRAFORM and Oilfield Lease Locator: A Case of App Success

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TERRAFORM worked with Oilfield Lease Locator app to find a solution to the complicated oilfield mapping system.


Field operations in the oil and gas industry have always used a complicated and proprietary address mapping system. For modern workers used to the ease of Google maps, it became clear to the client that the current system was outdated. The Lease Locator team wanted to modernize the way workers found sites in the field to allow them to be more efficient, as well as making day to day life a little easier.

The Solution

In order to create the ideal solution, TERRAFORM app development and consulting had to figure out what the exact pain points of the Lease Locator users were. The current mapping system was complicated and time-consuming, and even after finding the location, figuring out how to get there was still sometimes a challenge.

The Lease Locator app needed to make the old system work like a current mapping app. One that could instantly pinpoint a location, provide driving instructions on how to get there, and allow access even in remote areas with no internet service.

From identifying these key issues, the solution of Lease Locator was born in partnership with TERRAFORM.  A database consisting of over 20 million data points was created allowing users to find every single location across British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Users can search for a destination with their choice of formats, and allow Google or Apple to give you directions within Google and Apple Maps. All locations are stored in a user’s history and can be recalled at any time, making it convenient to compare distances or revisit previous destinations.


The Lease Locator app has 27,000 active users and hosts over 8,000 users daily. The app was also rated in the top 10 business apps in the Google Play store for Canada in 2018 / 2019.

Goole Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.terraform.lsdlocate&hl=en_CA

Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/lease-locator-for-oilfield-lsd/id979072311