The Art of Growing Revenue From a Niche Audience

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Murdock London are specialists in the art of barbering and enlisted our help to sell their expanding range of men’s grooming products online.

About Murdock London

Murdock London are specialists in the art of barbering and have had a number of barbershops situated on iconic London streets, for a decade now.

Their barbers know everything there is to know about barbering and specialist grooming, offering a contemporary take on the traditional barbershop experience. They also sell their own range of Murdock London grooming products, both instore and online.

The Challenge

We were asked to make the most of highly-ranking keywords that were currently on ‘An Interview with the Rich Brothers’ – a blog page on Murdock London’s website. With a page title and meta description only allowing for a limited number of characters and the range of keywords that the page was ranking for, exceeding this, it was necessary to find an alternative way that catered for all the keywords on the page. With an expert SEO team, we set to work to find a solution that would greatly improve the visibility of the Murdock London website.

Our Solution

Our solution was to implement FAQ page schema on a handful of pages by carefully analysing the specific keywords that the page ranked for and identifying opportunities for improvements. The specific FAQ pages were written based on these keywords and were marked up with the schema. The purpose of the schema is to allow for the FAQs to appear in the search results and implementing it meant that Murdock London’s on-site content was answering the highest searched questions.

However, in a bid to avoid neglecting the site’s overall click-through rate, as can happen when the user finds the answer to their question without needing to leave the search engine results page, we decided to carefully word our answers, ensuring that the answer provided on the results page is informative but also vague enough to tempt people into clicking through to the site in order to find the full answer that they’re looking for.

The Results

A huge increase in click-through-rate from search engine results, which meant the page received over 1600 clicks in one day, from an average of about 500.