The Beyond Your Clothes Campaign

360 Agency Berlin
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360 Agency Berlin was briefed by the European Commission to raise awareness on the environmental and social consequences of the fast fashion industry.

About the Project

360 Agency Berlin was briefed by the European Commission to raise awareness on the environmental and social consequences of the fast fashion industry.

The clothing and garment industry is the 2nd polluter in the world. In 2017 the global textiles and clothing industry was responsible for the consumption of 79 billion cubic metres of water, 1 715 million tons of CO2 emissions, and it is estimated that these numbers are going to increase by at least 50%.

It is becoming a growing concern for the EU as some countries are now submerged and are considering exporting to stop the accumulation of textile waste.

The Campaign

It is in this critical context that the ‘Beyond Your Clothes campaign’ was created, consisting of an innovative website technology (parallax) which provided, in an interactive and ludic approach, different layers of information to a wide audience, from frenetic fast fashion consumers to sustainably active individuals.

Being too heavy with imagery would have frightened these overwhelmed audiences, therefore we had to find the right balance between triggering emotion/interest with friendly designs while raising awareness on the harsh reality of the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry.

Therefore 360 Agency Berlin created both educational and attractive pieces of content to trigger the audience realisation that disposable clothes consumption is directly impacting frenetic production.

In the second phase, 360 Agency Berlin concentrated on implementing inspirational, solution-based content, showing that another more sustainable consumption is possible and easily reachable.

To further enhance the message, the award-winning documentary RiverBlue, graciously allowed to use the material that took the crew three years to shoot, providing light onto the world’s most polluted waterways of the global clothing manufacturing industry.

To maximize reach, we created multiple digital and offline assets to build the campaign effectively.

We implemented the campaign across Display, YT, social Media ads (Tik Tok, FB & IG) and Out of Home with Guerilla advertising.

Also, prior to the launch the agency took 2 months to gather the most sustainably engaged influencers around the globe who have shown the true interest in the vital aspect of the campaign (244 influencers).

In parallel, we supported the digital activation with Guerrilla advertising enabling chalk artists to reinterpret with graffiti the beyond your clothes logo and name, close to the places of purchase in different cities across the globe leveraging interest, discussions and impact.


As a result, the campaign reached over 9 millions individuals (9,725,459) across display and Social media platforms only (excluding the outdoor execution and PR that could not be precisely tracked). Against 200,000 individuals initially agreed.

We obtained 96,400 followers on Instagram and 73,400 followers on Tik Tok within a few months, starting from scratch.

Also the level of Engagement were very high with 3,480,260 video views for Tik Tok alone, and some campaigns reaching 1min 40 seconds average session duration.

Also a considerable amount of PR has been generated during the campaign and latest PR articles shown that fast fashion ‘may be squeezed again‘.

Alongside new report from the financial services firm found that the sales of low-value could decline 10% over the next 10 years.