The Brand Transformation of a Cutting-Edge Tech-Financial

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Translating a digital strategy into a compelling online presence and inspire millennials to understand, engage and explore FWU’s investment products.


Translating a digital strategy into a compelling, relevant online presence and inspire millennials to understand, engage and explore FWU’s investment products.


Global millennials are converted into high-quality leads by immersing and guiding them through an engaging website that caters to different wants and needs at specific points in their journey.


Giving a transitioning B2B-brand a face in a crowded B2C-market with a cutting-edge website that keeps visitors engaged and coming back for more. More than 40% of the site’s visits are from returning users.


The website was the initial step in FWU’s rebranding. The goal was to design and build a site as cutting-edge as FWU’s products. The first step was conducting workshops to define and reposition the brand. After that, we focused on delivering a mix of service and experience design that fitted the target audience across the globe and propelled the desired brand image.


Emphasis was put on integrating immersive design and cutting-edge tech to create a non-stop engaging product journey. Hybrids, a new animation-style that combines illustrations and photography, were developed and became the creative focus throughout the website.

Product Design System

Supported by the new brand design, we developed the FWU product design system. Every page can be built using design components from the pattern library, so that everything fits seamlessly together. New pages, such as landing pages, can be composed out of the library in a jiffy. This way the website can effectively inform visitors while keeping its delightful aesthetic.

Content Production

Both photography and videography have been produced together with FWU, specifically for the website. Using user-centered design insights, we crafted a variety of situations that appeal to the different target groups and are related to the FWU brand.


The website has been built into a complex responsive grid optimized for multiple breakpoints including CSS based animations. This ensures that the site looks good on every device. It’s built on top of a node/express engine with a front-end in ReactJS to achieve a snappy, modern feeling.

The CMS is built as a headless Drupal CMS for more control, simplicity and customization options.


  • Working alongside a bold client who is not afraid to innovate.
  • Amazing cooperation with the German advertising agency Jung von Matt.
  • Great example of integrating brand, content and product into customer experiences that engage and convert.