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Bit Adventure
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BuildPlanner is a tool for tracking your construction projects and your team. It incorporates easy-to-use scheduling, timesheets, drawings, and team chat, among other features.

The Challenge

Bit Adventure joined the project in the early MVP development stage. Another vendor had already partially developed the system.

The goal was to deliver the MVP for entering the market on time.

The Solution

We started by analyzing key features that had to be delivered, along with their state. Then we conducted bug fixing, refactoring, UI/UX improvements, and implementations of the parts that were left.

Key features of the system included the following.

  • A project board that makes organizing your business and getting on top of your construction projects easy.
  • Timesheets that allow your crew to report with their smartphones. The app is easy to use for anyone, regardless of previous experience.
  • An expenses tracker to set estimates on a task level and to get an overview with just a glance at the board.
  • A map view that shows you all your jobs on an interactive map. This can help with the planning of project logistics and can achieve synergies between job sites.

The Result

As a result, our partner has a stable, user-friendly product with which they can conquer the market.