The First Online Car Dealership

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Helping a company become the first brand in the world that offers full digitalisation of car purchases and related services.

About the Project

Automotive Industry Disruptors-Game Changers

eCommerce has taken rapidly over the traditional customer & salesman model. This not only has helped consumers to purchase without extra noise but has provided retailers with a time & cost-effective space and tools with the flexibility to reach and speak to their customer in a wide variety of ways.

Education, computers & electronics, wholesale, fashion, lifestyle & home — these are just some of the industries that you’ve heard to break the classical barrier and step into the digital advantages of the eCommerce world.

So what about the automotive industry?

For decades automotive companies have faced a challenge providing customers with a consistent and persuasive brand experience from the first contact to post-sale service. Nevertheless, this has been challenged by sophisticated business processes to achieve optimum interaction with dealerships, service centers, suppliers.

Who has been the key person?

Salesman. They’ve grown and polished their skills alongside the industry with clever wordplay, feeling customers welcomed, working with them towards sealing the deal.

However, a year ago Scandiweb was approached by Rockar with an idea to disrupt the customer-salesman model and bring the Automotive industry to a new era.

Becoming the first brand in the world to offer full digitalisation of a vehicle purchase and related services.

Key Challenges

  • Connect the customer directly to the product — take out the salesman.
  • Add transparency — no hidden information.
  • Make the journey convenient — few clicks, couple of minutes to buy a new vehicle configured to your liking.

Rockar Platform

How come the front-end experience is better then on my Magento eBusiness?

Based on our long-standing experience the platform of our choice was Magento. Still, we knew that this time Magento’s approach with Prototype simply won’t do. We needed something more powerful, but in the same time robust. The front-end performance and simplicity for long-term maintenance had to be covered. Therefore, for our purpose we found Vue.js to be the right JavaScript framework. It’s lightweight with a library that focuses on the ViewModel.

Rather than any other alternative It’s designed to be a view layer that is simple and flexible.


So far you’re probably wondering…

Is this the biggest Magento beast out there?

Possibly and It’s well protected. We’ve applied more than 500+ (and counting) unit tests that keep this dynamic evolving application intact protecting from any dependency failure at all times. On top of that, we’ve put a Test Automation Suite that makes sure that we’re covered at all times, whether a new feature or enhancement is introduced.