The Making Of… the Next Level for Esthra

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Do you wonder how we make marketing & sales campaigns for our customers? Find out how in the making of  “Music speaks where words fail” for ESTHRA.

What’s Happened so Far…

18 months before, Esthra HR orchestration owner and founder Eszter Debreczeni used OVERW8’s entrepreneurial coaching and marketing strategy consulting to lay the groundwork for her very special HR consulting. She had played with the idea to combine her passion for music with ​​a new generation of transformation processes.

One and a half years later, Eszter had a concrete project: the chance to be part of the exhibition Zukunft Personal 2019 in the startup area. The timing was perfect: she had managed to collect several customers and references, and the concept of music-based workshops had proven to be very effective.

Everything was ready for the next level.

Step 1: Target Workshop

“What should be done? Why? With which priorities? What would the KPIs be after?”

It was clear that this was more than only a trade fair, it was about much more. It was about getting a new level of grip for Esthra’s training offers.

Services are the hardest to sell

It’s easier to sell something physical that you can try and see. B2B services for sale is a sophisticated craft that you must take very seriously.

Step 2: Concept Fair & Lead Generation

On the basis of these ideas, OVERW8 developed a trade fair concept that makes the world of Esthra as tangible as possible.

  • Preparation and follow-up of the fair
  • Concrete pre-selection of advertising material
  • Suggestions for giveaways, clothing, etc.

Ambition: to provide relatively easy means for the best brand presence and interest in the trade fair.

A strong slogan

It starts with the user experience, ensures attention and good recognition for the brand.

“Music speaks where words fail.” (HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN)

Step 3: Product Profiles & Sales Folder

Here the focus was on the “UNPLUGGED” offer. Presenting an upselling option will provide future prospects for revenue and customer perspective. Therefore, the medium-term transformation program “HRMonia” was integrated. The service should be as handy as possible – achieved through clearer terms, good visualization and answering classic questions (what, when, where, how much, what’s in it for me).

Together, a two-pronged approach was developed: on the outside of the folder, the materials convey the ‘smoother business shell’ – on the inside the more playful workshop atmosphere should be noticeable. This creates a second CI for a specific, more sales-oriented purpose – a proven timeless mechanism.

Semi-custom imagery was developed

The representation of the two musicians was semi-custom created. “Semi-custom” means that it was based on the icons available under Creative Commons and we created (based on this idea) our own line visuals. Why was that necessary? Because the existing materials showed one-sided only men and diversity for Esthra is an essential value in the brand world.

Tip: When someone knows little about your company, offer SYMBOLIC information via pictures or text. In this case, the line visuals are a symbolic element of good cooperation in various teams.

Another important element, of course, is the Trust Signals. Every interested party asks: Where can I get that from? How can I see that? For Esthra we added the information and pictures of the solid background owner herself and the customer references.

Step 4: Lead Generation

Of course, you never go to a trade fair only for fun, but to generate the leads or possible prospects for your performance. As a good networker, Eszter Debreczeni had already agreed on a mutually attractive cooperation with app manufacturer Endel. It was conceptually built for the lead generation.

GDPR questions are proactively considered and advised on what is realistically feasible.

Step 5: Secure Remote Detection

Of course, last but not least, it was a matter of making the stand to be clearly recognizable and owner Eszter and her team should have a good place to have a good conversation with prospects. On 4 m2 the design options are limited, but if we were strictly “on brand”, we could make the world of Esthra full experience there.

The majority of the materials developed in the concept were provided by Eesthra and now it needed a design for the fair booth. The characteristic line people that we designed, formed the link between the stand and the sales folder.

Step 6: International Version & Landing Pages

Originally it was planned to communicate for the fair purely in German, yet Eszter and her company are deeply international. In the short term, it was thought about whether and how content could be made available a) on the website and b) in English.

On the site, Eszter already had a partner doing implementation To-dos for her. Open data was made available to this. On the following day, a finished landing page was already available.

In the English version for the folder, Eszter Debreczeni and OVERW8 agreed together to be extremely pragmatic: She creates a first translation, which is checked with Grammarly, then OVERW8 owner Kristin Reinbach (English studies and many years of international experience) does one final editing -> Insert into graphic design -> Send to print -> Voilà.

Clever: Designer Gabriela suggested to make the EN version more recognizable by an optical marking on the front. A little thing, yes, but for the track provides a more professional aura.

Step 7: Prepress/Production

The corresponding print options were prefiltered by the OVERW8 in-house producer. This way the customer can quickly survey price/printing ratios and also receives a recommendation on materials. After approval, the order was sent to print, then the tracking link handed over and it was delivered to her.

Step 8: Finish Off/Style Sheet for the Future

While Eszter was already preparing her lecture, the team at OVERW8 ensured that the developed elements will continue to be easily and clearly available and reusable. A  Brand Stylesheet was developed. This is how Agile Brand Development works with OVERW8 – piece by piece and areas of application of a brand world are further refined.


  • Concept booth / fair preparation
  • 4-pager sales sheet in German and English – conception, design, texts, printing
  • Polishing product concepts/sales reasoning
  • Cooperation and Lead Generation Mechanics – for Flyer Design, Text, Printing
  • Developing independent visual brand elements
  • Fair Booth design
  • Shopping recommendations for other trade fair materials
  • Entrepreneur coaching in the work process
  • Input and coaching for social media content, hashtags, emojis, tools

Key Data

Project Time/How Long Did It Take?

From the first interview in late July to finished: 6 weeks.

House Number Budget?

Four digits. $$

Sustainable Investment

Existing contacts/references/ “assets” were used as thoroughly as possible.

Pragmatism before perfectionism: In consultation with the client translation with Grammarly was checked.

80% can be reused/reused after the fair or even lay the foundation for further sales processes.
Entrepreneurial Time/How Much Time Did the Customer Have to Invest?
Relatively manageable, 2x a personal meeting.

On the customer side, there was still a family holiday and project-related stay abroad in between – all not an issue, because OVERW8 develops reliable content, etc. and ensures systematic collusion. Eszter was already used to working remotely – therefore virtually zero-time thinking. Other customers like to receive a short introduction.

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