The Vast & The Curious

Bonnie & Clyde Advertising Studio
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Creating an event brand for entrepreneurs – all about listening to the client.

It Was All About Listening to the Client

The branding process started from a brand with a clear intention, relevant for cases of co-creating with the entrepreneur.

The client came to us with an idea: she wanted to create a series of events where she would interview successful entrepreneurs on the stage of a theatre. And she had the name: The Vast & The Curious.

The differentiator: It is a small event, with the possibility of creating an intimate setting, where she can talk about both the entrepreneur life and the vision or business solutions. The brand has The Explorer as an archetype. The audience is made of curious and independent people, with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our job was to create a brand that had to be authentic and in line with the client’s personal brand (well known journalist) and the event.

Listening – During an informal meeting with the most frequent event-goers, we found out that what they valued and needed most was to be part of a community and have access to free discussions.

We listened, the client listened. It’s the difference between making assumptions about what people need and letting a brand grow in its natural direction.