Think32: Distinct And Particular

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How we built a website and brand identity for Sydney-based dental digital marketing agency.

Ariana and Renee are in dental marketing. Having spent now over twenty years in dental marketing, they know exactly what they’re doing. For the website of their agency they wanted us to do something memorable, something with a boutique feel to it. Now, what the hell is dental marketing?

About the Company: Doctors Without Bothers

Think32 does marketing for dentists. For small premium clinics and individual practices, they do identity, websites, and marketing plans. With Think32 audience being high-end dentists with their own practices, they wanted to show their personal approach in design and the refinement they bring. We had to make a website about dentistry without a single toothbrush or big bright smile on it.

The Concept: Turn on the Bright Lights

Our main concept was that of a spotlight showing problems. Marketing being an issue to a dentist with their own practice, too busy being a dentist to also figure out the finer points of marketing, Think32 highlights the problem and solves it.


Style Search: Minimal, Bright, Premium

Minimalistic. Minimalistic shapes, light greys with red accents on most important items. The spotlight is the red color or red outline. The simplicity looks rich. The red and white bring on associations with healthcare without being overt.

Sketch of the minimalistic concept

Bright and fun. The most playful of the concepts. Vivid colors, custom shapes. The point was to show the personal approach that Think32 provides, but ultimately it was just too playful.

Sketch of the playful concept

Premium feel. Toned-down, deep and desaturated colors and unusual magazine-like layouts. It shows sophistication and looks different.

Early sketch of the concept that we used

Finalizing the Style: Photos, Fonts, Colors

The problem with all our choices was that the association with healthcare was vague at best. Switch the text and it could’ve just as easily been a website for a London design agency, for a beauty salon in El Paso, for a literary Warsaw magazine.

We had to show the site about dentistry for dentists. What worked here was the use of photos from the practices that are Think32 clients, and turning them monochrome kept the elegance of our style.

For fonts, we had used GT Sectra and Whyte. Graphic designers love to mix and match antiquas with grotesks, but it’s not the choice you often see on the service pages. Yet for us, this pair worked out perfectly, showing both good taste and a degree of boldness.

The polite understatement would be to say that the color scheme went through a series of iterations. It went through cleaning, whitening, multiple crowns and fillings, had to wear braces for an awkward period, and almost had to have a full mouth reconstruction.

We figured the general palette right off the start. However, we then went through a colder option, a warmer option, another colder option, moved colors and switched accents around multiple times, up until we have arrived at the final result.

The color scheme is cold, yet pleasant. Medicinal to an extent, but without looking like any healthcare site you’ve seen before. Sparse use of colder pink to achieve some great contrasts.

This project took us less than a month, four sprints consisting of five workdays each. In less than one month we delved into this niche, and with great thanks to Ariana and Renee (and also Andre), we did not get lost along the way. And now Think32 refers us to some of their clients. We must’ve done something right.

And here’s Andre, Think32’s Team Wellness Officer.

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