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Third Strike Campaign

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An award-winning campaign with the purpose of bringing awareness to the Three-strikes law in the US.


The Third Strike Campaign is powered by The Decarceration Collective and the Buried Alive Project – a small but mighty team of women fighting to save people sentenced to life in prison for drugs and to end the policies that put them there. Their formula is simple: focusing on the voices of the men and women devastated by America’s 3 Strikes Drug Law. Granyon designed and developed the site and social media content.

The Work

The site is about creating awareness to the US Three Strikes Law for the Decarceration Collective in Chicago. Granyon created the Campaign page thirdstrikecampaign.com and social media content. Through research and interviews with the prisoners, we made a page based on the prisoners own stories. We designed an alternative way to navigate the website to underline the state of mind the prisoners are in. A part of the website shows the Rapper Pusha T that dedicated one of his songs with Lauryn Hill to the cause.


The website was created in Webflow with a portion of custom code.


One problem was getting content to show the prisoners stories. Because they sit in high-security prisons, we couldn’t get images and video. So we had to settle with sound bites, and images form family and friends. We solved this challenge by designing in a documentary-like style so we could cope with images of varying resolutions and qualities.

By working with storytelling and going a long way to design an engaging user experience, we made a site that talks to the heart instead of only using facts and figures.

The task was to make people aware of the consequences this law has for people sitting in prison for life for trivial sentences. And by focusing on the experience on both social media and the website, the Decarceration Collective got influencers like Kim Kardashian and Pusha T to support the Campaign. The site got a huge awareness in the US and international media.

The website won Site Of The Day at Awwwards https://www.awwwards.com/sites/third-strike-campaign