Time Will Tell App Development

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Messenger for iOS devices that locks photo or video messages into time capsules and sends them to the future to be opened at the appointed date.

The Project

Have you ever written a letter to your future self?

Or sent wish cards to your friends with the request to open then on their Birthday only. Have you ever managed to keep yourself from opening those letters until the appointed date? Our client definitely struggled to ensure his greeting cards would be a surprise. That’s how the idea of Time Will Tell app was born.


The client asked us to create a mobile app that would send messages but keep them locked until the appointed date. Once he specified the requirements we recalled time capsules and felt we just couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring this idea to life.

The application also has a second more unobvious purpose.

It derives from the naming – Time Will Tell. The app essentially allows you to seal the most notable moments in the time capsule and give them a fresh look on the appointed date. Because some events require additional efforts to be accepted. And, frankly speaking, we all have such moments when we need time to sort things out.


  • Photo & Video Attachments
  • iMessage Integration
  • Delayed Message Activation
  • Contact Book Integration