TiNC Works! Tool for Network Analysis

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TincWorks! is a unique platform for network analysis increasing work productivity


Network companies are dealing with a large amount of data. The bigger the company is, the harder is to track how stable the network is, measure its throughput, and get a general understanding of how the network is performing.


We developed an application, which helps find out what’s going on inside the network by running the diagnostic tasks.

The features TiNC Works! offers:

1. Scheduled monitoring tasks are easy to run to provide long-term insights into the performance of the network, such as baselines vs. anomalies and trend extrapolation to predict upcoming overloads.

2. Diagnostic tools such as PING and traceroute give the total visibility from all the network’s sites to all the network’s core information systems.

3. Performance tools iPerf and Speedtest make it easy to generate traffic between selected points on the network to see how it will cope with such volumes, and how much traffic the bottleneck can actually handle before seriously affecting performance or actually breaking down.

4. The app is running on the Field Units, which are based on Raspberry Pi computers, but customized for the TiNC Works!.

5. LED-Master helps users easily track results of the Units work. It has its own combination of LED lamps colors for every status of a task.

6. High protection rate is designed to avoid certain vulnerabilities.


TiNC Works! is a new way to learn about the health of a company’s computer network. Although it is in alfa phase of development now, the product already has several potential clients: large network companies are interested in ordering TANC Field Units for their business. They agree that this is a new way to learn about the health of their company’s computer network.