Tithe.ly: 513% Year-Over-Year Increase in Organic Traffic

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Each month, Tithe.ly manages to beat its last month in total keyword rankings, keywords in the Top 3, organic clicks, and organic impressions.

Tithe.ly makes giving to churches and ministries easy. Generally, in a church, you pass the plate, and people put cash or a check in the plate to give to their church. Tithe.ly took that process and made it digital so people can give from their smartphone.

For Tithe.ly’s Co-Founder and CMO, Frank Barry, the only SEO outcome that matters is that it helps achieve their business objectives. More specifically, is SEO boosting the number of signups?

Frank knew that finding the right SEO agency was imperative to their growth and getting their app recognized. As a small technology startup that was looking to make a significant impact as soon as possible, Tithe.ly found a partner in Victorious that really understood what they were doing and where they were going.

Victorious’ first step was to overcome 17 major obstacles and issues on the Tithe.ly website to improve organic performance on the site. Once that step was done, Victorious began to lay the groundwork for long-term SEO success by establishing targeted backlinks and inbound social media links to show Google that Tithe.ly is an established brand with brand awareness.

But it didn’t stop there. In their first month with Victorious, Tithe.ly set a record for most organic sessions in the site’s history; a 513% year-over-year increase in traffic. Tithe.ly used these SEO wins in the first month to continue to leverage further successes with Victorious. Essentially, they created an established, authoritative software brand through smart SEO strategies and absolutely no outbound marketing department.

What we achieved with Tithe.ly

Fast forward to today, Tithe.ly has seen a 200% increase in organic social signals, 300% increase in syndicated content, and for the first time ever, Tithe.ly outpaced its biggest competitor in both ranking keywords and organic clicks.

You might be wondering  – is SEO increasing the number of signups? The short answer, yes. The long answer and the reason we are all here, Tithe.ly has rapidly expanded its account creations to 500+ per month and continually growing, church account creations average around 235 per month, and completed signups increased to 440+ per month and rising plus 99%+ of the completed signups refer a friend.

Outpacing the competition

In Victorious’ most recent competitive analysis, Tithe.ly had surpassed its biggest competitor in every organic metric to make it the leading software in its niche Church Management market.

Organic search traffic increased

Tithe.ly has experienced organic search growth across the entire SEO board which has made Frank happy because the organic search traffic has led to more user signups and built Tithe.ly’s authority in its market. Each month, Tithe.ly manages to beat its last month in total keyword rankings, keywords in the Top 3, organic clicks, and organic impressions. We’ve also set a new record for most monthly organic sessions in the site’s history for seven consecutive months – and the plan is to keep the momentum going.