TMS Brokers – Online Currency Exchange Office

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Expansion of an online currency exchange office’s functionalities containing dedicated panels for users, administrators, and traders.

TMS Brokers

TMS Brokers was the first Polish currency brokerage house with a 20-year history on the local market and many industry awards. TMS Brokers has a team of specialists, who assist clients with their investments in global financial markets by providing innovative tools, consulting, and education in the field of financial investments. Their collaboration with CrustLab was initiated by Tomasz Stosio, Director of the Payment and Currency Exchange Department at TMS Brokers.

TMS Brokers principal challenges

This project’s main challenge was to expand the user panel’s functionalities and other elements on the Web platform. The changes were needed to streamline and automate the currency exchange process for users, as well as to enable them to perform new types of transactions. Companies using the platform required the option to create accounts for employees with various roles and grant them the necessary permissions for their work. We transferred new functions from the admin panel to the user panel.

The trading panel is showing the overall cash flow through the platform. The panel could be treated as a platform’s section in which TMS Brokers employees monitor exchange rates on an ongoing basis and may purchase currencies according to current demand.

TMS Brokers face the endless challenge of maintaining, continually optimizing, and developing this platform, so we continue to work together for the foreseeable future.

How CrustLab helped TMS Brokers

As required, we started our work to implement new functionalities available from an individual customer’s perspective. Thanks to this, the user panel gained tools that allow for even more effective currency exchange. At the platform users’ request, we have also introduced new types of transactions (SPOT+ and NETTO) and authorization of transactions via SMS. We’ve optimized integration with banks (PKO BP, Alior, Santander). We have started working on other banks later on (e.g mBank) and on the ability to share an account and assign roles to individual users, granting them new opportunities.

The next step in our cooperation was implementing the currency wallet, i.e., the administrator panel used by TMS Brokers employees. Moreover, the employees of TMS Brokers gained insight into the process of the new users’ registration and can react when the process has been interrupted by the user.


Although our collaboration is pretty short, there are already visible results. First of all, we have introduced new functionalities for individual clients and companies, including new types of transactions, expansion of the admin panel, integration with banks, the option of adding a deposit, and authorization of critical actions on the website via SMS. We have also optimized the platform’s operation by fixing bugs, reducing the risk of new ones and improving the entire deployment process. Moreover, the improvement of automatic payments accounting has made the accounting department’s work easier.