TNT & MOPET Applications for ŠKODA AUTO

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The TNT application provides communication between Skoda Auto and its importers, MOPET is the mobile extension.

About the Project:

Online Sales was the first online shop for operating lease car purchasing in Europe. At the time of its launch (December 2017), it meant a real revolution in car selling. The system is interconnected with the actual warehouse stock; therefore, it is possible to select the exact one car with its delivery date known upfront. Scoring, i.e. verification, whether the client’s situation allows for operating lease to be provided, is also included. The cars must be booked for the time of the ordering, however, the bookings with no real interest in purchase cannot book out the complete warehouse stock. I.e. the system includes also features of client confirmation of interest regarding the specific vehicle, including booking the date of delivery to his/her home. The installment for the ordered vehicle is paid comfortably via the concern payment gateway.

This digital platform has shown us and defined the way we will be shopping for the cars in the years to come. “Getting the car on operating lease is just a first step. In the future, we will broaden our portfolio with vehicles that the customer could define himself/herself through our website configurator.” Luboš Vlček, Škoda Auto Czech Republic Managing Director said about the project.

A very important aspect when it comes to online shop creation is security. And not only concerning payments. It is because the word scoring means a lot of data that the client has to disclose about himself/herself. Therefore, the platform is ready for the new regulations regarding personal data protection in effect since May 2018.

The online sales platform was executed in a record time, i.e. less than four months. From the technical point of view, it is built on the Java / Liferay 7 / Oracle technologies. A team of 20 IT, UX, and e-commerce experts from Cleverlance participated in its delivery.


The TNT application provides communication between Škoda Auto and its importers, with MOPET application being its mobile extension. The aim of the “transition” project was to ensure a smooth handover of applications operation between the original and the new services provider, with no impact to communication or data transfers going on between the producer and the importers in different countries. It took Cleverlance only two months to take over the full functionality of both applications, while simultaneously improving the application’s integrity and delivering the first “bundle” of new functionalities, including revision and full completion of SW documentation.

This successful project was delivered by our team of thirteen to fifteen people, and the cooperation continues with the development of both applications following the approved roadmap, including operation support since 2016.

In just two months, Cleverlance took full functionality of both applications, while improving the integrity of applications, delivered the first of a “package” of new features, and reconstructed full documentation software.

This successful project ensures the thirteen member team collaboration and application development continues according to the defined roadmap and support their operation.