Too Faced + Album Branding Partnership

Album Agency
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What started as an eccentric home-grown makeup line, exploded into a top-selling international cosmetics brand. It was labor of love and a wild ride.


The beauty industry, with its challenging four-season release schedule, demands large doses of creativity and originality. Album played a key role in Too Faced’s creative process, designing over 200 unique product packages and numerous in-store displays, promotional posters, email blasts, magazine ads and more. To meet unique accounting and distribution demands, we designed and built the website, with a fully custom ecommerce engine and vendor-direct backend. Seasonal promotions, integrated email campaigns, and fresh quarterly updates regularly followed.

Too faced influencer marketing campaign


When Album teamed up with Too Faced, annual sales were close to $2 million. In 5 short years, we helped transform this beauty-obsessed brand into a blossoming $80 million+ cosmetics empire. We don’t take all the credit for it, but we guarantee the image-driven cosmetic industry hinges heavily on successful branding.

Too faced gross revenue growth