Torneos Godínez — Videogame Online Tournament Platform

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Torneos Godínez is an online videogame tournament platform that works with real time online statistics for Fortnite and Minecraft.

The Challenge

Create a creative and visual concept that encompasses a Latin concept for users with purchasing power, the public objective must include children but focus on people from 22 to 40 years old.

The Solution

We created the core platform concept, design, development and launch strategy for social media, with 30+ streamers playing the tournaments and inviting their community.

The concept of the platform revolves around the “Godínez”, who are people with work and therefore with purchasing power, and who maintain a job. In “Godín” he is a person who works every day in an office.

The Result

In the first 2 months, we were able to grow the platform to 2000 players with no money spent on advertising, just organic players.

  • It has a section called Curriculum Vitae, in which the player unlocks badges according to achievements in the different tournaments.
  • You can check the history of tournaments with all players and the score.
  • Generates statistics in real time of the players registered for each tournament.
  • There are free and paid tournaments.
  • The platform has the capacity to have 7,000 players in each tournament.
  • It has an online store with gaming products (hardware).


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