Transforming a Food Truck into a Restaurant

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Going from the Best Food Truck in Orlando to the #1 Best Restaurant in Orlando in 2020!

The Client

Bem Bom started as a food truck in 2012, serving gourmet tacos and pastries from Chef Chico Mendonça. With its unique flavors and distinctive textures on simple dishes, it was hailed as the Best Food Truck a year later.

The Challenge

Following a good track record as Orlando’s tastiest food on wheels, the management came up with a plan to give their amazing product a brick and mortar home in 2018. Although they were already known as the best food truck, the business encountered challenges during the transition. This includes revamping their old antiquated website and encouraging more people to dine-in, instead of just stopping by.

Our Digital Solutions

Tulumi redesigned Bem Bom’s website to make it more appealing not just to the eyes of the customers but also to Google and other search engines. The site greets you with a video clip of their interior, servings, Chef Chico on the move, and full-fed guests. This is a creative web design solution to leave every visitor a moment to observe the cooking process and the entire ambiance of the restaurant.

The website is also complete with the necessary pages of a good restaurant site — About Us, Menu, Contact Us, Gallery, and Reservation pages. Wherever your navigation will lead you, easy access buttons to its social media account and contact information are readily available.

For added convenience and additional revenue streams, the website allows visitors to place their orders, book reservations, and purchase eGift cards. The process for each of these services is properly organized, making sure users are not overburdened with an excessive number of fields.

Our marketing strategy also includes the promotion of Happy Hour and Sunday Brunch events through Facebook Ads, email marketing, and SMS campaigns. By building a customer database, we have also launched birthday campaigns as part of its customer retention strategy.


By applying tested-and-proven digital marketing solutions for Bem Bom, we were able to:

  • Grow their customer base from Zero to nearly 4000 in 6 months.
  • Increase foot traffic by 126%.
  • Increase organic reach by 524%.
  • Gain 48% additional revenue from online orders.
  • Appear number one on Google’s search results not just for the keyword phrase “Best Food Truck in Orlando”  but also for “Mexican and Portuguese Restaurant in Orlando” and “Best Restaurant in Orlando.”

Bem Bom went from the Best Food Truck in Orlando in 2012 to the  #1 Best Restaurant in Orlando in 2020.