Travel Alberta – Ready

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Woman walking on grassy plains between mountains

To inspire travelers, we weaved together life-affirming journeys that showcase Alberta’s authentic experiences and breathtaking landscapes.

We voyage through a vast wilderness and a vibrant city to ask our audience—“are you ready?” In a four-act structure, the film accompanies travelers on an adventure through Alberta. We see open prairies, lofty mountaintops, sublime caves, city centers, and snowy forests aglow with the Northern Lights—and our landscapes are crisscrossed by skiers, snowboarders, hikers, dogsledders, friends exploring, families bonding, and couples falling in love.

Our cinematography and camera work attempt to pull the viewer in, turning audiences from observers to participants, and making viewers feel like they are right there, in the moment, with our characters.

The camera is always just off a shoulder, moving with our explorers, as though they may turn and address us at any moment—an acknowledgement of what they’re seeing, or an invitation to follow them by taking that next step—“are you ready to do this?”

Every journey was selected based on research into the most appealing experiences in Alberta for each of our nine geographic markets.

The breathtaking glimpses of Alberta are a product of two things—cinematic craft and plain fact that Alberta has some of the most sublime landscapes on earth. What we want to show is the human experience of those landscapes, and what many people watching may not know is that they’re reachable. Alberta is the adventure of a lifetime, and it’s wonders are not far off the beaten trail, accessible for everyone. And all are welcome.

That’s why we chose actors of all backgrounds and ages, and shot the films to whet our audiences’ desire to explore Alberta. Adventure for anyone and everyone awaits.