TrenDemon Content Marketing Analytics Platform

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A content marketing analytics platform for marketers, advertisers, publishers, and networks.

About the Client

TrenDemon is a content marketing analytics platform for marketers, advertisers, publishers, and networks. Created by Avishai Sharon in 2013, it helps clients to understand the influence of content on their business goals and make better decisions based on simple, actionable data.

TrenDemon allows the maximization of content marketing ROI by offering insights that customers can use to optimize their content creation.


TrenDemon was founded in 2013, and the technologies that were used had since become incompatible with customer demand. It was also hard to extend and maintain the existing
codebase, which was why it was necessary to implement modern technologies (Node.js/.NET Core). TrenDemon required skilled professionals with substantial expertise to work on their data warehouse system, which had to change with business developments. The company was facing problems with the overall performance and scalability of the system due to the growing customer base.


Eliftech designed and implemented scalable distributed workflows for the processing of large amounts of data. We implemented ETL for data processing in the data warehouse and
optimized the general performance by applying additional isolated services and solutions. Eliftech engineers also made overall improvements to the existing functionality for high-load data processing. As it was hard to extend and maintain the existing code base, our specialists implemented new functionality and were able to improve the distributed systems using the latest cloud technologies.


We extended TrenDemon’s technological capabilities by evaluating performance bottlenecks and eliminating them. As a result of performance assessment, the system can now support the growing customer base. Hosting and deployment-related expenses were decreased due to the use of appropriate new cloud technologies (SQS, Batch, Lambda).

Database cleaning allowed storage expenses to be reduced and database-related performance operations to be improved. We were also able to increase the overall speed of transactions. Migration to new, cutting- edge technologies allowed TrenDemon to attract more resources with relevant up-to-date expertise.


  • Audience targeting
  • Campaign management
  • Categorization/grouping
  • Conversion tracking
  • Content insights
  • Navigation
  • ROI evaluation

Tools and Technologies

JavaScript (ES5, ES6, TypeScript), Node.js, C#, .Net Core, MySQL, Amazon Web Services (Redshift, Aurora, Kinesis Firehose, SWF, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, ELB, S3, SQS, Batch,
Lambda), Orleans Cluster, Firebase, AngularJS, Angular, PHP, Bitbucket Pipelines, Docker