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The vast majority of users do not know where they want to go, so we wanted to provide a solution that truly inspires.

The Situation

Travel brands are good at providing highly functional search mechanics for prospective customers searching for a holiday. The user inputs their desired location alongside other criteria and the solution churns out results. Perfect right? No.

The vast majority of users do not know where they want to go, so we wanted to provide a solution that truly inspires.

Top 3 Objectives

Help Brands Increase Direct Sales

Our specialism within the travel sector has helped us understand the pressures that digital managers are faced with to increase direct share. Direct sales provide improved profits and so we wanted to help ensure customers convert with a brand, direct.

Provide an Incredible Mobile Experience Rich with Beautiful Imagery

We know that the majority of travel research now starts on a mobile device, typically in the context of many distractions. Whilst the purchase/booking may take place on a laptop or desktop, it is imperative this top of the funnel activity is as smooth as possible. Our solution is mobile and tablet first and incredibly imagery rich.

Utilize Hyper-Personalization to Drive Tailored Results

People are time poor, personalization is no longer a nice to have, it’s imperative. To drive results and consumer satisfaction we wanted to ensure that holiday recommendations were completely tailored to individuals. This meant complex algorithms and machine learning to drive only the most pertinent results.

The Solution

Tripsmarter is a fun and engaging way to inspire your customers. It uses machine learning to understand your customers holiday preferences and match their perfect holiday. In return, you get extremely rich data about your audience, you’re able to engage with them about what they’re excited about and convert potential customers into direct sales.

The Tripsmarter visual questionnaire can be customized to suit your business needs and brand. It allows potential customers to use a swiping interface making it fun for them to choose their holiday preferences. As Tripsmarter builds up a picture of the customers’ world, holiday suggestions become more relevant and useful.

Tripsmarter will generate rich, actionable data which can be used to inform your marketing activity. It helps you to analyze trends for popular locations, dates or price brackets. Or create a campaign — targeting the customers who you know are interested in a location, during a specific time period.