TrustATrader Brand Awareness and Organic Growth

Victory Digital
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The Brief

TrustATrader wanted to increase its overall brand experience, helping to push the company to the next level. This included;

  • Continued organic growth from search engines
  • Increase its brand awareness and reputation
  • Support and grow its social media profiles

The Strategy

Taking an established brand and improving statistics is no easy feat. With such a large challenge ahead of us, we put together a full-scale strategy, which ensured that every base was covered. To sum this up, we worked on the following:

Search Engine Optimisation

Ensuring each trade is showcased organically is key to organic growth. Our team put together a solid strategy that focused not only on page optimisation but authority building through effective link building also.

We also supported the new website which was recently launched, focusing on high end technical SEO elements to make sure the website was future proof. What have you done? We ensured that every page was index-able and linked internally so that the authority the website already had, would filter down to deeper pages.

Social Media

Creating bespoke content across a range of social platforms has helped grow the profiles and TrustATrader’s overall brand awareness, with a 47% rise in followers. We have grown engagements and impression rates by giving users an insight into TrustATrader. We always ensure that the communities we manage grow in a nice and friendly environment.

Reputation Management

With TrustATrader being a website based on reputation and reviews, we knew that their scores on review sites did not reflect their true reputation and worked hard to gather hundreds of reviews from genuine customers. We transformed their TrustPilot score from a 4.3 to 9.4 (beating its competitors) and still to this day brings in numerous positive reviews from happy customers.

The TrustPilot score on the right is a live feed of reviews from the TrustATrader profile and showcases the amount of positive review we receive on a daily basis.

Pay Per Click Management

While we were conducting strategies for the other sections of the website, we put together a strategy for PPC that would ensure a low CPC, which was was designed to target conversions. Without going too deep into this, we worked hard on publishing engaging advertisements that did actually convert. This strategy was so well implemented by us, all we need to do these days is monitor and not work on it so much – leaving us time to work on bigger and better things!

The Results

The results have been absolutely amazing and the team at TrustATrader are very happy with the work we have conducted. TrustATrader advertises across many ITV channels and are now looking to the next stage with Victory Digital – where we continue to build on this great relationship we have. Some of our greatest statistics include:

  • 400% Organic traffic growth across all search engines
  • 47% Increase in social media followers
  • 210% Growth in positive online reviews
  • 20% Increase in conversions through PPC channels