TrustedCare Organic Growth Campaign

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The brief was to help grow the organic ranking and traffic from major search engines, increasing organic traffic, keyword rankings and conversions.

Trusted Care is an online directory of registered care homes and care providers across the UK. Trusted Care’s goal is to help house the vulnerable and elderly into homes that are of high quality and for the best prices possible through their network of providers, ensuring users are well informed before making a choice about what kind of care and where they should get it.

The Brief

The brief set by Trusted Care was to help grow the organic ranking and traffic from major search engines such as Google. Which included the following;

  • Increase organic traffic
  • Increase keyword ranking
  • Increase conversions as a result of traffic increases

The Strategy

With multiple care categories to optimise, we developed a strategy that would not only benefit targeted pages but would also benefit the website and brand as a whole. Our team investigated multiple key search engine strategies that would work in conjunction with one another, lifting the overall online visibility of Trusted Care. Some of the key strategies included:

Search Engine Optimisation

Increasing the relevancy of every page is key to finding deep page success. We focused on creating SEO optimised content based on our keyword research as well as optimised the internal linking to make sure that each page was crawlable and indexable for the search engines. We put forward many recommendations that included everything from Schema to meta changes, helping again, to make each and every page more relevant.

Our trained SEO copywriters were hard at work, creating unique content for each care category as well as multiple location-based keywords to further strengthen the relevancy.

Link Building

To help increase the authority and reputation of Trusted Care, we put together a bespoke link building strategy that would help to grow key phrases associated with Trusted Care.

We have seen keyword rankings greatly improve over the past year, with over 170 links built, that met our high standards of link attrition. As well as higher rankings, improved impressions, and CTR, organic growth has grown leading to improved organic traffic and conversion rates.

The Results

Throughout the year we met many challenges including the so-called Google ‘medic’ update which hit a large number of websites across the globe, including Trusted Care. However, our well thought out strategy ensured that recovery was quick and to this day, traffic continues to grow for Trusted Care.

We had some great results for Trusted Care, which saw the following growth:

  • 3,842 Keywords added to the search engine index
  • 1,330 of these keywords grew on to page 1 of Google
  • 125% Increase in traffic to our target pages