Turkey Homes Web and Mobile App Design

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Our project with Turkey Homes meant we had the opportunity to re-design their website and also create a mobile app for their business.

About the Client

Turkey Homes is a property real estate company that was looking to redesign their website and create a brand new mobile app. Our time with TH meant that we were able to review their current site and review the industry to see what’s working and what needs improving.

Web and App Design and Development

The design of the website focused on customer usability and being able to make user browsing smooth and straightforward while still being able to meet company business goals.

Creating a brand new app for Turkey Homes meant that we were able to build it custom to their business and goals. Paying attention to usability, reliability and the customer journey to ensure the best experience.

Digital Solutions

We also have the opportunity to give full digital solutions alongside our web and app development. Our marketing team can offer solutions such as social media marketing, email marketing, paid search and paid app search. Providing a full package experience and ensuring the best return on their web and app investment.


We still work continuously with Turkey Homes regarding plans for paid campaigns for their mobile app and have future plans for their sister companies. Throughout all client journeys, we ensure clarity and communication on every step of our process, leaving no question unanswered.