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How to scale the brand while maintaining profit margins and CPA targets using Google and Facebook campaigns?

What crosses your mind when you hear the word – potential?

For us – it’s our client Tvornica Snova. A Croatian brand that specializes in making personalized books for children.

They came to us with a request to scale their operation and a mission to bring their beautiful product to every child in Croatia and internationally.

The main goal was financial, but the second and crucial was how to reach new markets with the Tvornica Snova brand.

Like the name of the company suggested, the goals (dreams) were big!

The Challenge

The main challenge was to restructure Google and Facebook campaigns and set up scalable and reasonable goals.

In the first year of cooperation, we restructured their Google and Facebook advertising efforts, set new and more effective campaigns structures, and emphasized their creatives.

The creative side was a real focus for us because this brand is all about emotion. We had a stroke of real luck that our client has such a committed in-house team. In no time, we manage to get better performing creatives.

It’s all about testing in this line of business, don’t you agree? 🙂

After all, we love numbers as much as creatives and creatives as much as numbers. Got it?

The first test was Black Friday. The day which breaks it or makes it for most e-comm operations like our client’s. We passed it with flying colours! We spent significantly less budget that year before but got better sales numbers.

When we passed the first test and the client’s trust grew, the plan was to go into new markets. Like just the company’s name suggests (the Factory of Dreams) – we had big dreams in front of us.

Our next goal, grow the Polish and Serbian markets.

The websites, creatives and copy were localized. We spent many hours testing creatives, budgets, and target audiences to have the best possible start.

Now, we are on the excellent track and are slowly but firmly starting to build brand awareness and social proof, leading to an increase in sales and, as we advance, desired CPAs that enable us to scale the operation even further.

This growth is backed by continuous SEO efforts and community management based on a personalized approach with every client. Also, we are trying to amaze every new client and nurture existing ones – the goal is they become our client ambassadors. Judging by their responses – we are very successful in doing that 🙂

And yes, don’t we forget the essential part. Each of these personalized child’s books brings a big smile to their face and bonds their family closer.

For us – it was mission accomplished!

The Solution

We restructured Google and Facebook campaign structures according to Blueprint’s best practices.

Of course, with our vast experience in performance marketing, we quickly encountered and solved some technical nuances that immediately led to lower CPA-s and higher ROAS.

Then we needed to educate the team about the importance of the creatives and the rules from which Facebook sees them fit.

We advised making minor user experience changes on the landing page that led to significant increases in performance and set the ground for further growth.

Of course, all those things needed to be planned minimally three months in advance. On this, we always insist.

We encouraged them to be more involved in content marketing and community management.
With all mentioned above, we have all the right ingredients to dream big!


Through the use of Facebook and Google — Tvornica Snova was able to…

  • Increase YoY Revenue by 28%
  • Increase YoY ROAS to 350%, we increased ROAS by 25%
  • Decrease YoY CPA by -26%
  • Raised YoY Google ROAS to 2754%
  • Increased YoY CTR by +335%

Next steps

The client started to spread internationally. For now, Serbian and Polish markets are the ones to conquer.

Because every market is specific and particular, we needed to set up the marketing journey accordingly.

That includes: creatives and copy are in the context of the culture, flawless translations and, of course, the entire customer journey set up for each market.

The most demanding next step will be to build brand awareness on those markets, leading to direct response and monetization.

But who doesn’t like challenges? Along with their in-house marketing team, we are working full steam ahead. We are proud to say that just in a few months, we expect to see great results.