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Creating a marketing strategy and design dynamic mobile game.


Evolving in a fiercely competitive global market including other big players like 888Holdings, GVC Holdings, William Hill and many others, Unibet faced the challenge of differentiating their service from the rest. Their objectives were to increase awareness and to drive their mobile application downloads. They wanted our help in creating a marketing strategy that would allow them to attain their objectives, and increase users to make their first bets.


Our strategy was to drive Unibet to interact more with the world of football, their largest betting audience. Therefore, we designed for them an interactive and dynamic mobile game where we put the user in the heart of the action, mimicking a well known football gameplay. Headers’ users had 60 seconds to see how many headers they could keep going without dropping the ball. If they achieved the specific score, they unlocked a £5 free bet.


Our interactive and dynamic mobile game ran in rich media versions for 7 different languages: English, Belgian, French, Belgian, Dutch, Romanian, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish. All the versions had a different API integration for the prize, based on the legal descriptions in each region.

There were also dynamic feeds bringing in the latest betting odds or all the upcoming features relevant to that region. You can see the gameplay here in which the challenge is to not let the ball touch the ground.

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