UNICEF Canada: The One That Got over 6,000 Donations in the First Month of Advertising

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Within the first month of the ad campaign’s launch, UNICEF Canada received 6,172 donations and 868 applications from interested sponsors.

The Challenge

It was 2010 and Haiti had just been rocked by the most devastating earthquake the country had seen in 200 years. Although it only lasted a few seconds, the 7.0 Richter scale quake killed 212,000 people, demolished city infrastructure, displaced more than 1 million Haitians, and orphaned thousands of children. Within hours, UNICEF, one of the world’s largest advocacy groups for children, landed in Haiti to support relief efforts and protect the children of Haiti.

In order to maximize aid to Haiti, UNICEF Canada needed to promote their relief efforts and spread information about how people could support the victims of the earthquake.

Our Solution

As UNICEF Canada’s online marketing partner, Bluetrain set to work to create targeted search and online display ads that would help generate support for UNICEF Canada relief efforts in Haiti.

Our Impact

For the three days following the earthquake, UNICEF.ca received 1,756% more visits per day than the normal daily average. Within the first month of the online ad campaign’s launch, UNICEF.ca also received 6,172 donations, and 868 applications from people interested in sponsoring children through their Global Parent program.