Union – Communication Strategy and Branding for Export IT Alliance

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How we developed a dynamic identity for IT alliance that visually communicates strategic approach

We’ve been approached by IT Union – an export alliance to develop a stylish modern identity that had to showcase production potential and overall attractiveness of alliances’ members in Europe and the Americas.


During initial research we confirmed that the majority of TECH companies and organizations are utilizing the same color spectrum in their brand identities: variations of blue/purple, lines, multiple digital elements. We were confident in our decision to switch the paradigm for UNION and make it stand out in the crowd. So we came up with the “no blue” rule.


We started with IT Union’s key statement

“uniting game-changers”

In our research of symbols of unity, we came up with a deeper, next-level meaning that we planted in our client’s identity. We found the perfect symbol. The game of Go.

Go game is one of the first games known to humanity. Born in China more than 2000 years ago, its goal is to occupy the board by strategically conquering its territory. We found this to be the absolute perfect metaphor for IT Union’s mission – helping IT companies conquer new markets.

The heart of the logo is a stone (chip). Flexible and adaptive – it can be colored in one of 5 preselected color options depending on the semantics of use. We chose clear and bright colors that communicate confidence, optimism and are equally well displayed on a digital screen or printed on a paper surface.

In key visuals the number and size of the stones change, creating unique patterns. This allows for broader and more unique displays on different media.


We created a simple yet powerful key element of the identity that transforms and supports the alliance’s communication. This way it is easy to create visual marketing media while playing the audience’s attention and focusing it on key messages.