Urban Piping’s Rise to Industry Leadership: Get X Media’s Dynamic Marketing Strategy Delivers Unprecedented Growth

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Graham Drew, founder and CEO of Urban Piping, sought Get X Media’s expertise for help with his company’s growth. Get X Media provided much-needed strategy guidance.

The Challenge

Urban Piping is a professional plumbing company offering specialized services in the Poly B industry. With a well-defined vision for the company’s future, its CEO, Graham Drew, sought a marketing agency to provide guidance and skillful execution of targeted marketing tactics.

Graham approached Get X Media with a clear vision for Urban Piping’s growth and expansion but needed expert guidance in selecting and implementing marketing strategies to achieve his ambitious goals. As the business grew, the marketing challenges evolved due to increasing competition in the industry.

The Solution

Get X Media set out the following objectives for Urban Piping.

  • Increase lead volume and website traffic
  • Improve search rankings for competitive keywords
  • Establish Urban Piping as an industry leader through public relations and educational outreach
  • Develop branding and marketing materials to support growth

Get X Media collaborated closely with Graham to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including local SEO services, online advertising campaigns, graphic design, web design, marketing automation, and production services. As competition grew, Get X Media pivoted, launching an educational public relations outreach campaign to emphasize the importance of quality service and hiring qualified contractors in the Poly B industry.

The Result

The digital marketing campaign delivered outstanding results for Urban Piping.

  • 1,700% increase in website leads
  • 300% increase in website traffic
  • Front page Google ranking for 200 competitive keywords
  • Successful educational outreach campaign

The comprehensive marketing approach, including branding, promotional materials, custom clothing, and production services, provided a solid foundation for Urban Piping’s continued growth beyond initial expectations.

Get X Media’s holistic and results-driven marketing strategy propelled Urban Piping from a neighborhood plumber to a national industry leader. By combining local SEO, public relations, educational outreach, and cohesive branding, the agency demonstrated the power of a multi-faceted approach in achieving sustained growth and industry dominance. Urban Piping’s success highlights the importance of working with a marketing partner that can adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of a growing business.