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V Magazine partnered with CemtrexLabs to ensure an online platform looks (and works) as well on the web as it does in print.


V Magazine LLC

Disciplines Used

Digital Intelligence + Strategy, User Experience Design, Web Engineering, SpecialOps and LiveOps

Services Provided

Engineering Strategy, Product Roadmap, SEO Strategy, User Experience Strategy, Information Architecture, Information Design, Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Visual Design, Wireframe Prototyping, Analytics + Reporting, API + SDK Development, Back-end Development, Technical Architecture

Project Details

When the V Magazine team came to us they were just ending their relationship with a digital agency whom they had commenced their responsive redesign and redevelopment with. Most of the design had already been established and there was a ‘codebase’ for us to work with – however, a major advertising campaign was coinciding with the relaunch – and was just over 8 weeks away. We would need to round off the design, restructure and refactor the usable bits of code and rewrite the rest, not to mention, the enormous library of articles and content would have to be migrated from an archaic proprietary platform into a WordPress multisite.

Upon commencing discovery, CemtrexLab’s architects and engineers immediately began with an intensive code review to understand which facets of the codebase could indeed be used, how much of it needed to be re-worked, how much would need to be re-written and how much would have to be written from scratch. Additionally, our user experience design team began to work toward realizing the goals the V Magazine team had shared in our early conversations.

Once the designs had reached a mature point of refinement – we began preparing our product backlog for the engineering sprints that would soon commence. As we had a deadline to realize we would have to amend our typical agile development process to retrofit our allocations and scheduling to realize our drop dead. We did so borrowing from our SpecialOps practice, and begin burning down our design and engineering tasks as effectively and efficiently as possible. As modules were completed they were pushed for review – accepted modules were deployed to the staging server for use by the V Magazine team in their effort to get all of the editorial content ready for launch.

We continued to work in this amended agile framework for the next 8 weeks in close collaboration with the V Magazine team. Refining the experience for the desktop, tablet, and mobile and realizing our go live date in time for the campaign.

From a technological standpoint, the site was built with a custom theme in a WordPress multisite and is served by Nginx on Rackspace. Additionally, the experience was crafted leveraging HTML5. CSS3 and JavaScript.