VentureDevs App Development & Enhanced User Experience

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VentureDevs helped transform LifeCents’ application into an intuitive platform.

The Challenge

LifeCents had seen rapid customer growth since its inception in 2005, but their product’s robust back-end was slowed down by legacy code and a UX that didn’t satisfy the modern user. LifeCents turned to VentureDevs to help them transform their application into a platform fit for a high-growth company. We assembled and deployed a custom scrum team to rebuild their product.

Project Highlights

  • Replaced a timeworn UI system based on hard-coded, non-flexible components with an intuitive front-end that is dynamic and highly adaptive to incoming data.
  • Organized and optimized the way the front-end communicates with the back-end database, speeding up the system as a whole.
  • Created a continuous integration and deployment (CICD) system that fully automated a prior manual build and release process.
  • Developed a functionality that allows branding elements and customer information to be quickly added on the back-end and displayed as a customized front-end.


  • The app’s front-end is now intuitive for the user, improving overall user experience (and landing LifeCents two new industry awards!)
  • Harnessed cutting-edge technology and best-practice development methods to build an architecture that renders programmer-friendly, and easily extendible codebase that can scale alongside the business.
  • Reduced time spent between development and deployment, enabling LifeCents to release new features faster and adapt quicker to their customers’ evolving needs.
  • Used Scrum methodologies and practices to improve overall project management flow during the development process.