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The Squideo Team created a bespoke, animated video for the Jobs In Japan team in order to showcase their brand across various social media platforms.

Introducing Squideo

Here at Squideo, we have produced over 4,000 videos for businesses all around the world. We have created video projects for a variety of businesses, big and small, and in a range of different industries. Each business has different messaging and goals, so we have created unique videos to reflect this and suit the industry they are working in, along with taking into consideration the brand voice, target audience and core values.

Video Animation as a Marketing Tool

Video animation is revolutionising the way in which businesses and organisations stand out online. The beauty of animation is that you can manipulate the scenes in such a way that nothing is out of reach. From epic 3D scenes to talking animals, animation brings a whole new dimension to advertising.

This innovative marketing tool can be used across various different platforms including social media, YouTube, on your homepage and even embedded within email campaigns. This means that the possibility for videos is endless, and in terms of investing in your marketing strategy, this diverse medium is the one to watch.

No matter the industry or purpose, video animation can help you raise awareness of your brand, and that’s exactly what we managed to achieve for our clients, Jobs in Japan.

Video in the Recruitment Industry

In such a fiercely competitive industry such as recruitment, standing out is essential. Video marketing is the perfect way to help you highlight the unique qualities of your recruitment business, engaging with clients through a format they actually enjoy viewing.

Video is also a fantastically innovative recruitment tool, and many recruitment businesses are beginning to harness animated video. Using video to promote a new job role is a sure-fire way to spread the message far and wide. Animated videos appeal to a larger audience, including the younger generation who are packed full of talent.

By using video, your audience reach has the potential to be a lot larger than it could be by using only traditional recruitment methods.

Working with Jobs in Japan

When it comes to attracting new talent to your recruitment agency, it can be difficult to get your message out there without a pre-existing list of candidates. Thanks to explainer videos, you can attract candidates from all over the world by demonstrating your company culture through a short, animated video.

The video we created for Jobs in Japan demonstrates how fun explainer videos can be, while also sharing enough of the relevant information needed for a user to remember the brand and its key services and features.

Jobs in Japan wanted a bold animation that would represent their strong and colourful brand, while also sending out a very clear message to potential candidates. We were able to combine a variation of colours, animated characters and exciting background to create something that is visually pleasing and engaging.

The team decided to upload the video to their YouTube channel, which brought them a huge amount of success. The video (seen below) now has over 200,000 YouTube views. The video is also featured on the company’s homepage. Since this time, we have continued a very successful working relationship with the Jobs in Japan team, creating a series of smaller animations specifically for social media advertising purposes.



Thank you for taking the time to read this case study.

– The Squideo Team.